Samsung Series 7 Laptops

I just published an article on laptops I am considering. I left the Samsung Series 9 off the list of possibilities because it is way too expensive.

Samsung just announced the Series 7 laptops. Two new laptops… 13″ & 15″. According to PCMag, the 13″ laptop is closer to a 14″ because the bezel is so small they were able to fit a 14″ screen into a 13″ chassis. Nice. And the 14″ screen comes at a resolution of 1600 x 900. Perfect!

If you read my article you will see I am on the fence between the Toshiba R835 and the Lenovo T420i. The R835 is only 3.2 pounds and gets 6-7 hours of battery life (depending on who’s review you read). The T420i is a 14″ laptop that can be had with a 1600 x 900 resolution display.

The Samsung Series 7 has the chance to beat them both. If the weight is reasonable, and the battery life is good then I might have to put the Series 7 on the top of my list.

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