Volume Problem on Toshiba Laptop with Vista

When I went to Las Vegas I used my laptop to watch movies on the plane. The volume of my laptop was so low I could not hear any of the dialog without jamming and hold the ear buds in my ears… to the point it hurt.

My friend has a splitter and he could not hear either, even with noise canceling headphones. It was so bad we fired up his laptop so we could hear the movie. His laptop was plenty load. Unfortunately his battery lasted about 5 minutes. So we turned on sub-titles so we could understand the movie. This made it possible for my boss to also watch the movie without earphones.

Before you ask.. here’s what I did. I turned the volume up all the way in the Volume Mixer as well as turning up the volume in Media Center and Media Player (we tried both apps to play the movie). Of course, I turned the volume to the max on the volume dial of the laptop itself.

I searched help to see if there were any other places to turn up the volume. Everything pointed me at these same places I found. Toshiba does not offer e-mail support, and I don’t know if this is something I should contact them about for warrantee support.

I am half tempted to use my system restore CD to reset the laptop back to factory specs and see if the volume is any better. But then I will have to reinstall Windows Vista all over again. Ouch, that would be a lot of time spent for possibly no gain. All I could learn is that the volume is too low all the time, or that it is too low in Vista. Granted, the volume is loud enough for everything I normally do, except watch movies on a noisy airplane. Though when I finished watching one of the movies in the hotel room it was barely loud enough to enjoy. Hardly what you would expect from a system that has harman/kardon speakers.

If anyone has anything to add to this topic please post a comment or e-mail me directly. I would like to solve this, and am very tempted to pull out the system restore CD. If I try loaded Windows XP with the system restore CD I will probably stay there until nVidia gets drivers that work for gaming.

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  1. Robert Goodyear Says:

    Hi Scott. I’m having the exact same problem on my Vista install. I’ve got MCE’s volume cranked to 50 and my TV cranked to the max, and we still can’t hear some dialogue. It’s easily twice as high as we had it set under XP MCE.

  2. hi Says:

    iam having the same problem with toshiba laptop dd u get any help anywhere please pass it on

  3. ben Says:

    i have the same problem with my brand new sony laptop, with vista installed. the volume is woefully low. i looked at toshiba laptops and the
    hk speakers were definately appealing, in the end however i went with sony. a recent update to the sony audio drivers seemed to help, but only with music, not dvds.
    im guessing its a problem with vista which, as i expected, is a really bad OS, and not finished. imo microsoft should not have released it.

  4. Scott Says:

    The friend that I watched the movie with on the plane recently bought a Lenovo tablet PC running Windows Vista. He had the exact same problem with the volume playing a movie. He believes it is a codec issue. He installed WinDVD and it was able to play movies with volume-a-plenty.

    Something to think about if you are having volume issues with movie on Vista.

  5. Nicole Says:

    Just bought the HP Pavilion running Vista – volume is too low as well. Microsoft Vista sucks. Why do consumers continue to put up with crap like this from Microsoft. I’m going to buy Mac’s from now on. Fed up.

  6. adam Says:

    i got the opposite problem on my inspiron laptop

    the volume is too loud, i have everything set to 1 (the lowest) and its still really loud

  7. Taimur Says:

    I am having the same problem on my dell latitude.

  8. Ash Says:

    HEY. I was just now having that problem, but what solved it is (after turning up the volume on the hooked-up speakers, the mixer, and everywhere else,) making sure the little volume wheel located at the front bottom edge was turned full. That fixed everything. I know that was a retarded mistake and maybe everyone else had already made sure there’s was up, but…that’s what fixed mine. =)

  9. DJRitZ Says:

    BAD i need sound i am having the same problem with vista! any info on how to fix please PASSS ON INFO !!!!!

  10. Katie Says:

    Oh man, I didn’t realise my laptop HAD a volume wheel! Thank you so much ASH – you solved my problem! I guess sometimes we all forget to check for the obvious LOL.

  11. kathy Says:

    I have a new HP home Pc and have the same trouble. I hate vista too. How can this volume problem be fixed. Someone please help!

  12. Laks Says:

    I have a new pc Acer Aspire with Win Vista. I’m having trouble with volume. I hear nothing even when the volume is at max. Can someone please tell me where the volume wheel is located on the laptop? hopefully this will fix the problem!

  13. Annie Says:

    I say we chould all just go back to XP.

    Vista is a waste of time in my oppinion…..


  14. Annie Says:

    I say we should all just go back to XP.

    Vista is a waste of time in my oppinion…..


  15. John Says:

    I feel like such a retard…. I am highly computer literate and had this problem. Volume on the program and the system volume is at max and the volume was barely audible. My son looked at it and couldn’t solve, my engineer friend looked at and couldn’t solve… then I found this while googling my problem… I’ve had many computers and never has a companyput a stupid volume wheel on it. It’s like buying a new 52″ plasma and having an old set of UHF/VHF dials on the front. Thanks for the post – it saved me an embarrasing call to tech support. Works beautiful now.

  16. Alice Says:

    Hi, I have a toshiba laptop and like the author everything is set to loudest (including the dial)…any solutions?

  17. Ashtan Kal'Mora Says:

    I bought a new Sony Vaio laptop with Vista installed… I think Microsoft has made another one of their classic mistakes where they release something too early in trying to look better than their competitors. Sadly it would seem they’ve only made fools of themselves as the true Vista they are working towards apparently will never be reached because of the early release. As for volume, I constantly have the volume at max simply because it’s so low. But during the first few weeks that I had the laptop, the volume was fine. I can’t see it as being a codec issue but perhaps instead a hardware issue. Windows has been known to have issues with hardware compatibility, just like the other OS’s.

  18. Ashtan Kal'Mora Says:

    Ah… I just looked on a friend’s laptop, also running Vista and did a complete comparison. Under the sound properties, playback, right-click on speakers/headphones and select properties. From there go to the levels tab and then slide the speakers/headphones control to 100%. I got PLENTY of volume after that. Seems Vista just pulled itself a step out of incompetence and a step into absurdity, what an idiotic place to put volume control… buried beneath so many other options…

    • Jason Says:

      Rock On Ashtan Kal’Mora! That was EXACTLY the issue! There seem to be two problems on this thread though. One for those who didn’t know there was a volume wheel and Two for those who had no idea that MS would bury a crucial volume property 14 levels into the OS.

    • Lissy Says:

      Fantastic Ashtan this worked for me too. I have been searching for hours to fix this. Thank you so very very much. You are a STAR!!!!!

  19. Amin Says:

    wow. so i am not the only one who has this strange problem. the volume of my new Dell Inspiron 1420 was fine for the first couple days. but now it is low. i almost looked everywhere in vista but never succeed!!!

  20. Yvonne Says:

    I have lost all sound on a Dell Demension 8300 with Vista. It worked for a while and then stopped. I even changed the sound card but no use. I dont have a levels tab in my properties so where do I go?

  21. Scott Says:

    Read my posting here:


    It tell ALL 4 places you need to check for volume.


  22. S Jones Says:

    AN ANSWER of sorts……..
    The problem is not the operating system. I have many computers running, MAC, Windows XP and Vista. The problem is the AC3 codecs that most movies use today to deliver their audio. Same thing is true with the MPEG series. Third party AC3 filter utilities (everyone makes them and they are free) can help solve this problem as long as either movie is a factory DVD. Even if it is in a downloaded file such as DIVX, AVI etc. they are still effective. Remember, downloaded movies use many different audio codecs and sometimes these have been ripped improperly. Hope that helps.

  23. S Jones Says:

    Oh yeah, and by the way go to http://www.xvidmovies.com/faq/ and download GSpot, you will see the link toward the bottom of the page.
    Run this program (free) before playing movie and it will tell you what proper codecs you need for that movie.

  24. S Jones Says:

    One more thing. I have found another solution to the problem. This works in 90% of the cases I have seen.
    Download a free movie player called VLC at http://www.videolan.org/vlc/
    then after installing, play movie. While movie is playing go to “Audio” then “Equalizer” and choose headphones.
    THis REALY increases volume and you WILL hurt your ears.

  25. Gary Says:

    I had the same low headphone volume problem with an HP Pavilion DV6433CL laptop running Vista. I finally went several levels deep within the Sounds control panel applet and found that the sound was controlled by a DSP with 3 unchecked checkboxes for audio enhancements. Checking some or all of these boxes finally made the volume acceptable for watching movies on an airplane after exiting and re-starting the media player (I may have rebooted as well). The HP support website does not list this problem, as far as I can tell.

  26. Nevery Says:

    I had the exact same problem with my vaio. All you need to do is go in to your control panel and change your sound properties to the quality of sound you are looking for.

  27. Peter Says:

    I have the exact same problem with Toshiba purchased 2 weeks ago running Vista premium.Harmon/Kardon speakers but not enough volume. Do we have an answer ?
    Feel free to email me if you have managed to fix this>

  28. Green Monkey Says:


    I put my way through college doing I.T. including one memorable case fixing Kazaa (which “didnt play” music files) and installing AOL sounds. despite the idiocy of the case, the simple fix was to turn up the volume.

    now i just have myself to laugh at.

    WTF puts a volume wheel on a laptop??

  29. James Says:

    as for acer laptops, disable the digital out

  30. Laura Says:

    Thanks guys! I too had the same problem – it never occured to me to look for a volume wheel. Found it, and now have sound again. I kept wondering what I was pressing to turn the sound down suddenly. I must brush up against the stupid wheel.

  31. David Says:

    Same problem with Toshiba Laptop. Cannot hear on airplane or with ambient sound even with wheel up software up sound controls up etc. was looking for a software that would amplify sound. Anyone have any ideas?


  32. Tunde Says:

    I am having the same problem with the Toshiba Laptop. Even when I use the volume and increase the volume to 100% the sound still very low. Also, does the volume wheel have a max setting? i.e It won’t allow you keep turning? Any ideas would be appreciated.


  33. Graham Says:

    My daughter got an HP Pavilion with Vista for Christmas and we found the volume too low on DVD playback. I went to Sounds in the control panel, then to manage devices, then to speakers, properties, levels. There was a slider there that I set to 100 and it helped. There might be a similar setting with Vista on the Toshiba.


  34. Badcam Says:

    This IS a Vista issue. It’s not because of the Volume Wheel being turned down (doh!), nor the Codecs installed (I had the same codecs installed before and after this sound issue occurred), nor the Digital Out needing to be disabled etc. I have a Kohjinsha SH8. The volume levels were perfectly adequate for both the speakers and the headphones. I was able to drive some pretty hefty headphones and still be able to get more sound from the laptop than required.

    Something has happened in Vista (perhaps an update?) that has resulted in the volume levels being reset. My maximum volume is now so low I can barely hear anything played through the headphones. Just for peace of mind, I’ve tried/retried all of the above solutions. I still have the same volume level issue.

  35. oli Says:

    hi, i have given up on vista and gone back to xp with my toshiba satellite p205-s6257 and now when i adjust the volume via the volume wheel my computer freezes up in a strange way, it wont do anything when i click with the mouse but when i press the start button on my keyboard the start menu will come up and when i press ctrl + alt + del it will bring up the task manager! i cant click the start button on the screen btw so that tells me that the mouse becomes partially unresponsive. :S same happens with the media buttons (i mean the play, stop, next, previous buttons for media player). anyone got any suggestions?? cheers :)

  36. laurie in victoria Says:

    Ok I LOVE ASH! In all the years i’ve have computers i’d never have thought to look for a frig’n volume wheel. Duh.

  37. Berna Says:

    Wow, I have XP on this Toshiba satellite and didn’t have volume. The wheel was the answer…now it’s loud and clear so duh it is the wheel and not vista.

  38. Wild Boar Says:

    I have a new Toshiba Equium. The sound was very poor when playing DVD’s. I downloaded VLC at http://www.videolan.org/vlc/ as recomended by S Jones. The sound is now acceptable considering the size of the speakers. Why do we put up with such poor speakers?

  39. crafty bison Says:

    It’s not useful coming out here and saying “It’s not Vista, it’s the wheel”. On my old laptop I spent 18 months without volume before finding the mysterious wheel, but not EVERYONE is the same. My new Vista laptop has terrible volume and no wheel. Don’t try and extrapolate your own solutions over the problems of others: many of us are still suffering without good volume on our new Vista laptops and it is NOT because we’re missing our volume wheels.

  40. Scotty Says:

    vista user try this. Control Panel -> Sound -> Speakers. in speakers click on the levels tab and adjust the playback control. I set mine to 100 for max volume.

  41. Noil Says:

    I have a new Toshiba A215-S5837 it came with Vista Home Premium, I got so tired of dealing with the various quirks of Vista that I went and downgraded the laptop to XP Pro. Even in Vista the sound on the speakers was pathetic, and yes the volume wheel is turned to the max, the control panel volume is at the max, so is the speaker volume and the speaker type is set to Laptop Stereo. What is odd is that if I use head phones lots of volume, but the speakers in a silent room can barely hear it.

    When I went to XP Pro this problem still exists, all the drivers for the various hardware including the audio are working and installed without conflicts. Even though there are officially no XP drivers for this model of Toshiba.

    After reading the many replies here I am thinking that there is an issue with some of the Quality Control with the various laptop manufactures, not just Toshiba. I am a highly technical computer person and fix computers for a living, and the only thing I can figure out is that either we have all been sold some very weak speakers in some of the laptops or there is an issue with the volume control knob. If it was software related then the issue would be resolved for those of us who have gone through and adjusted the various settings, tried different software and various codecs.

    There are but a handful of alternatives available to us who are still stuck with next to no sound, that being getting some portable speakers designed for travel such as

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16855999162 or http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16836110018

    I have not tried either of these products however seeing as I do not see any choice in the future if I need to hear sound – which is often case when one is in business and doing presentations we either have to buy an external speaker or get a laptop that has decent speakers that actually work. When we pay X amount of dollars for a new laptop it should be ALL working and not requiring x% of the purchasers to seek alternatives such as external speakers. This is my 2nd Toshiba laptop with in 6 months, the first one which also had crappy sound had a defective keyboard; this really suggests there is no quality control done at all.

    If I do go ahead and purchase one of the external speakers I posted here I will come back and post on the results. I think it will work for me as I am getting plenty of volume from the head phone jack.

  42. DanO Says:

    For those of you having trouble getting the sound to play loud enough with AC3 audio, (particularly the voice portions), S Jones mentioned above that you probably need an AC3 filter to downmix the 6-channel audio to 2 channels, and he/she is correct.

    Here’s a good one for Windows:

    Install it, restart your player, and hopefully you’re back in business.

  43. dss Says:

    Go to Sound–>Speakers–> Properties–>Enhancements and check the box for Loudness Equalization.
    This should increase volume noticeably.

    • Happy Says:

      omg thank u soo much!! no thign was he;lping me..not even that wheel thing! THANK U!! i had this problem since Decemeber(when i got my laptop)

  44. Raj Says:

    I had the same problem.

    All I did was went to Control Panel->Sounds and Audio Devices->Voice under Voice Playback->Volume.

    Which brought up the Volume Control Menu. All the knobs were set to maximum already. But on just tweaking (decreasing and then increasing) the leftmost knob the sound output was corrected to it’s original level.

    Hopefully, this fixes your problem. All the best!

  45. Jeremy Says:

    The volume level under the control panel is just a complicated way of adjusting the volume without the wheel. If you bring up the levels in the control panel and turn the wheel, the levels change, which is what happens when you use the wheel anyway. It’s just a roundabout way of doing things. My solution is……back up and punt Microsoft.

  46. Brian Says:

    Go to Control Panel\Hardware and Sound. Click on “Manage audio devices”. Double click “Speakers” (goes to Properties). On the “Levels” tab click on “Balance”. Chances are the R and L channel levels are turned down. This is a Vista default. Really, really annoying.

  47. Loz Says:

    Hi All,
    I had a big of a laugh I was chasing the same volume problem last night when I found this info –Yeah I found the “friggin'” volume control too. Who uses a volume knob these days? I often come up with a codec problem with windows and keep a copy of power DVD handy it always seems to provide what is needed to allow windows media player to run sound when the DVD is re run – I prefer Power DVD over windows media player for running films anyway.

  48. bsbrian Says:

    I’m a big audio freak and the headphone volume isn’t loud enough for my taste. Everthing is at 100 at realtek HD audio, so I did a comparison on my panasonic SA-AK510 stereo system and vista maxed out around 32db while I prefered around 20db so what my stereo said. I use $100 bose headphones and a brand new Toshiba Satellite A300 O6H.

  49. abdullahi Says:

    i am having a soung prolem , i cn can’t listing 2 any sound, i ahve a downloaded drivers still can’t work

  50. Curtis Says:

    The solution stated by dss worked on my 3-month-old Toshiba laptop running Vista-64. I can now watch DVDs without plugging in headphones or an external amplifier.

    Go to Control Panel -> Sound -> Manage Audio Devices -> Speakers -> Enhancements and check the Loudness Equalization box.

  51. Zandranna Says:

    I have followed every bit of advice given here – I have a toshiba laptop and Vista. Nothing is working.

    The only thing I couldn’t make heads nor tails of regarding the advice above is – What the heck is a “wheel” where does one find that???

  52. Zandranna Says:

    As an after thought I would also like to say that when I first got my laptop the sound was great. It’s only this last couple of weeks I have had a problem.

  53. itsmajor09 Says:

    forget all the downloading that some guys tell you. Same problem with a toshiba a205. found a way to fix. Go to right click volume at the bottom right of screen, click playback device, right click speakers, go to priorities, Click enhancement, click box of equalizer and loudness. TaDa.

  54. Mikael Says:

    The last one worked! Setting the Loudness Equalizer really worked for my Vista Business on Sony Vaio laptop VGN-BZ153N

  55. Bruce Says:

    That equalization box is the key. Thanks to all who recognized it.

  56. Mike Says:

    I had similar issues on my Asus Laptop with Vista. I specifically only had problems with online content like Hulu or other flash video sites. I played with volume controls, my laptop doesn’t have a volume wheel, and it was starting to drive me nuts. The instantaneous fix was the “loudness equalization”. I noticed by default, the flash streams for online content are set really low by some providers (something you have no control over). The loudness equalization amplified that to a level that allows my laptop speakers to make voices audible again.

  57. Logan Says:

    I didn’t have any issues with Vista sound on my HP Pavillion DV6000 laptop until a recent audio driver update (Conexant HD Audio). After reviewing all of the suggestions on this page, the fix for my problem was to Go to Sound–>Speakers–> Properties–>Enhancements and check the box for Loudness Equalization.

  58. Deb Says:

    I have a Toshiba with a wheel that seems totally useless, turns nonstop either direction and has no effect. I can barely hear a show on Hulu or anything else. Have tried all suggestions in this thread. Off to BB for speakers.

    • Scott Says:

      If you have a volume wheel and it turns without stopping then that may be a hardware problem. My Toshiba has a minimum and maximum to the volume wheel.


  59. alexrander Says:

    Sony VAIO VGN-CR510E/P
    OK, u shouldn’t judge the entire laptop based on customer service. I mean come on, this laptop was a great investment. I had two compaq and an toshiba and this one beats them all. I have had no problems yet, but I just got this two weeks ago from best buy..great buy, highly recommended. The only problem is the speakers are a bit low, but I always buy external speakers so it doesn’t bother me at all. I love my laptop and soo many compliments..

  60. H Says:

    On Vista:
    Control Panel then Sounds
    Click Enhancement tab
    Check to enable Equalizer then choose Live option
    Check to enable Loudness Equalization
    Click Dolby tab (if you have Dolby), uncheck to disable

  61. L Says:

    Just did the same as listed above and worked great!

  62. Mike Says:

    Yep, did the trick for me too.

    Also, my Toshiba has RealTek audio, in the control panel there is a link to the mgr, the program also had a check box for Loudness Eq in the ‘Sound Effects’Tab, which brought up the DVD volume, the above steps from H brought it up even further. Quite satisfied now. Thanks much.

  63. John Says:

    I purchased a Toshiba Satellite U500/00X a week and I had the same problem with everyone else mentioned here previously.

    I also find that if you go here

    On Vista:
    Control Panel then Sounds
    Click Enhancement tab
    Check to enable Equalizer then choose Live option
    Check to enable Loudness Equalization
    Click Dolby tab (if you have Dolby), uncheck to disable
    Also click on Environment and select the environment you want ie….City; hallway, underwater, Auditorium etc etc

    By doing the above and as well as setting all your other media to max volume, you should have “GREAT” DVD sound.

    Also it would help if you up date your VLC Lan media files, preferably with a windows Vista version compatible.

    Hey, it really works for me and I am getting very loud DVD quality sound even with my TV on loud speakers.

    Try this and let me know how you all go.

    Good Luck everyone

  64. Young Says:

    Agree with the last posts. Enable loudness equalization, but ALSO make sure you aren’t using the virtual surround sound which seems to drop 50+% of your volume by itself. Don’t listen to the crazies who’ll suggest you buy speakers or use crappy third party media players like Media Player classic or VLC. It’s a simple fix born out of change that unfortunately is hard to find now with all the idiots filling the discussions about this problem with “Make sure you really have the volume turned up, use Media Player Classic, buy amplified speakers or just reinstall drivers. If people just would read closely and not answer if they weren’t sure they knew the answer, then the answer would be one of the first google results as it was when I had to solve this problem with Vista. It exists in 7 as well, but it’s really just a case of learning the new way it works. Oh and for anyone who says use linux or buy a mac, go for it, but every OS has its rough edges. You’re sure to be looking at a linux/mac discussion trying to solve some odd issue and have some idiot tell you to use Windows. Use what you want and what you have. There’s an answer somewhere on the net that google will find eventually. You just have to dig through all the useless answers to find it.

  65. kk Says:

    check equalizer & set the powerful option. that’ll give your sound a boost

  66. iParadox Says:

    i have Toshiba Satellite A300 17s, and neo speakers 2-1 system connected to the laptop, and volume is low even when i increase the volume on the speakers.. but when i connect speakers on computer, then is high as it suposed to be better then laptop.. i still dont know what is the problem
    im runing it windows 7 64 bit, i also had vista 32bit still the same problem

    please help me, im also a dj

    reply me on iparadox@live.com

  67. Amanda Says:

    Was having this problem (and I LOVE the wheel, btw, it i one of the unique features I missed when I had a non-toshiba laptop. If something is too loud or too soft, i just run a finger over the wheel, and no complicated fiddling with software, its an irreplaceable feature if you use it!)

    To Fix on Windows 7:
    Control Panel
    Hardware & Sounds
    Click on Speakers, then Properties
    Advanced tab
    Check the box that says “allow applications to take over exclusive control of this device”

    Close & Reopen your dvd player software.
    Watch your ears if you had it cranked.

  68. Brad Says:

    It took me 2 years to find the fix to this problem on my Toshibe running Vista.

    What you need to do is go to control panel

    Under the Playback tab, right click on the speakers icon…
    select Properties…
    Go to the Enhancements tab…
    check the last option, Loudnes Equalizer.

    This increased my volume by about 200%

    Good Luck

  69. Jim Says:

    Ah! I’m so glad this was poste| There is quite a bit of opposing
    information posted, this dispells, puts to rest
    some of what I’ve read.

  70. Kendall Says:

    Loudness equalization worked. One comment about the wheel on Toshiba laptops. This functionality seems to have changed. On my old Toshiba laptop it controlled volume separately from Windows settings and turned to a min and max position. On my new Toshiba laptop it is simply a means of changing the Windows settings and will continue to turn and turn even after max or min positions.

  71. Ruth Says:

    You might have the volume turned down on the side of the computer, That happened to me and i couldnt hear ANYTHING. Just Random i hit the volume button on the side of the computer : ( It would be on the right side of the computer ) If You have the same labtop as me.

  72. Lynn Says:

    I can hear downloaded music loud and clear on my toshiba – but dvds are barely audible – tried everything here and nothing is helping with that. Is there some kind of small sound boosting device?

  73. Mark Bark Says:

    To the people that didn’t even think about the volume wheel on your laptop: Are you serious? One of you even claimed to be very computer literate. Ha. I don’t think knowing how to “double click” on desktop icons counts as being computer literate, pal. The volume wheel!!! It’s like the people that phone IT support because their computers won’t start, and the first thing the IT guy on the other end asks them is “is your computer plugged into a power source?”……OH DAMN, it’s not!

    The low volume problem with Vista is a legit problem. Get lost all you volume wheel fools.

  74. DanielR Says:

    I have the solution to those whose equalizer and loudness corrections don’t work in Vista. Plug in headphones. Use the above solutions and it’ll increase the volume in the headset. Remove the headset and the speaker sound is louder, it glitches if you plug in a headset and when you unplug it, it’ll always remain at the settings the headset are on.

  75. Leo Says:

    If your Vista speaker volume is too low, download and install the HD sound driver for your computer (this may not be necessary). In Control Panel (classic view) click Sounds. Click the speaker icon in the box. Click Properties at the bottom right of the box. In the Speakers Properties box click Advanced. Scroll down to 24 bit, 48000 Hz (Studio Quality) or possibly others will work also, so you might play around with them. In my machine this increased speaker volume from the CD quality setting at the top of the list. Good luck.

  76. Amanda Says:

    I have a toshiba satellite running windows 7 and in the control panel under sound, is a tab called smart sound, open that up and play around with the 3d settings i have managed to increase mine to a comfortable level and I am deaf so it should be good levels for normal hearing people…

  77. Nitin Says:

    Thanks Leo & Amanda for your solutions. They helped to solve my low volume problem on vista.
    Further to the above, Can I get help for the below.

    1. What is the best settings for the all or any of the SRS Audio Enhancments.

    2. I am having huge Philips speakers. How can I connect them to laptop? Do I need a Amplifier , any specific cables etc

  78. jaime Says:

    I was having the same problem with my Toshiba laptop; I went to control panel, Hardware & Sound> Smart Audio> Smart EQ/ 3D settings and you can custom make your own sound board. I increased everything and now the sound is less clear but much louder.

  79. nicole Says:

    i found in speaker properties-> enhancements-> select loudness Equalization-> select apply. works great now. I tried all the other suggestions first the wheel the levels but this is the only thing that has worked.

  80. Jane Says:

    ASH – THANK YOU!!!! I have had this laptop for 4 years and always thought it was a ‘Toshiba’ problem I NEVER SAW that wheel before!! I can now HEAR!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

  81. Jane Says:

    BTW… TOSHIBA should be thanking you too, since I had done decided not to buy one again (even though I love everything else about it). Now, I will. Wow, I cannot believe I spent 4 (almost 5) years in misery holding speakers to my head!!!

  82. Warren Says:

    Just update your drivers for your sound card, that will fix it.

  83. Rudy Says:

    I had the same problem on my work laptop – only PC I have with Vista on it.

    I think I fixed it (at least temporarily until he OS or drivers decided differently).

    I went into Playback Devices and disabled both my speakers and headphones.

    Then I re-booted Vista

    I then went back into Playback Devices (needed to right-click in the white space and Show Disabled Devices first) and Enabled both.

    I now have too much volume – actually hurt my ears thru my headphones, still ringing!

    But my sound is BACK!!!

  84. Edo Says:

    The Smart audio was the best option for my Toshiba Satellite with Windows 7. Thanks Amanda.

  85. jason Says:

    hi guys, ive been frustrated with the same problem, but just found a fix.
    right click on the volume icon, select sounds.

    select playback, select properties, select enhancements
    tick equalizer.
    next to seeting, there is a box with 3 dots … select it.
    it will bring up your equalizer.
    for those who dont understand equalizers, just put the first 3 bars at about 3/4 of the way up. these are bass frequencies.
    put the middle 2 at about 3/4 too. these are a mid tone, kind of boosts vocals.
    put the last 3 all the way at the top, these are treble frequencies and are what will give you louder sound.
    as everyone has different tastes in sound etc, i am expecting people to go against my suggestions as to wwhere to put the bars, but these are just a suggestion to get more volume. play around with the settings if you like.

  86. Bey Reed Says:

    I have a Toshiba P200 – FT8 (Canadian) 17″ laptop running Vista. When playing some YouTube and other videos the sound was so low it was difficult to hear clearly.

    Thanks to your web site and the message below the problem seems to be resolved. The video sound is now quite good. The key was to check the Loudness Equalization Box. (You have to scroll to the bottom of the list in the Enhancements list box to find it).

    The message was:

    1. Curtis Says:
    November 17, 2008 at 8:46 am | Reply
    The solution stated by dss worked on my 3-month-old Toshiba laptop running Vista-64. I can now watch DVDs without plugging in headphones or an external amplifier.
    Go to Control Panel -> Sound -> Manage Audio Devices -> Speakers -> Enhancements and check the Loudness Equalization box.

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